About Us

Our Story

We are a bunch of wacky misfits!

Ricavi Media, a Kolkata – based digital marketing agency, offers customized, result-oriented marketing strategies and solutions to its clients and helps them to create an impact on their audience. While working on Digital Marketing, we realized the responsibility we owe towards the small and medium businesses. This is when we decided to start this agency.

We knew that Digital Marketing is the future of Branding, and comes with a lot of privileges, that traditional marketing lacked for a big time.  

Why we are different

We built this digital marketing agency with the goal of helping small and medium businesses, as we believed that these are the ones that need proper marketing strategies the most. After working with various brands, the start-up, like its name, “Ricavi“, an Italian term, meaning “to get”, “gain”, or “extract”, aims to get clients, and gain healthy relationships with them while extracting the best possible results for them.


The USP of our agency is our bonding with the client, that helps the team to understand the targets and expectation of the client and execute them effectively. Ricavi Media aims to not just build a client portfolio rather build long-lasting professional relations.

Super Efficient

We aim to produce desired outcomes with efficiency and less or no waste of effort.

Deeply Commited

We are deeply committed to our clients and are ready to consistently work hard.

Highly Skilled

Our team is brilliantly synced and skillful that understands on how to extract results for clients.